Can Improving Your Fitness Levels Really Make You Live Longer

Everyone wants to have a healthy and fulfilling life. Unfortunately there are millions who die each and every year and their loved ones don’t understand why they have been taken from them. It’s worrying because there is so much advice out there right now and for the most part, it can get very confusing. So, if you are healthy and improve your fitness, will have help you to live longer?

Keeping Your Body in Good Condition Will Be Crucial To Your Overall Health

When you have a healthy body, you have a good healthy heart and feel much better. If you are inactive for long periods of time then you are at greater risk of having health issues in the future. However, if you are able to run an active and healthy lifestyle then the risks are far less; there will always be risks associated with everyday illnesses but you can be more protected when your body is healthier. That is why your cardio and fitness levels really must be given a lot of work so that they are in extremely good condition. In a sense, improving your fitness levels can help make you live longer as long as your body plays along. If you are inactive and aren’t particularly eating healthily then you’re at greater risk of complications arising.

Sometimes Genetics Takes Over

While it’s necessary to remain in the best possible condition, you can’t always rely on genetics. Your genes can play a major part in your life span and how long you live. If you have a good and healthy body but there’s a genetic heart condition within the family that might play its part. It’s the same when there’s a history of terminal illness within the family, while you are healthy, the illness can strike. However, that is why you need to have regular health check-ups and ensure you keep your fitness levels at their very best. Sometimes even with all the hard work, it doesn’t make a difference unfortunately. When you improve your fitness, you can potentially prolong your life as long as your genes influences your life.

You Can’t Always Predict Your Life Span

In all honesty, no-one can predict how long someone will live. There are some who will find they don’t have a particularly healthy lifestyle and yet live until they’re ninety! There are also some who don’t live beyond their thirties even though they live a healthy lifestyle. It’s strange but people are different from one another and sometimes no matter what you do you can’t prolong your life. Predictions don’t really work with your life because anything could happen; you could walk across the road and get hit by a car or break your neck falling down the stairs. Anything can happen so even when you have great fitness levels, it doesn’t stop you from living longer.

Live a Healthy Life

At the end of the day, you have a big say in how long you live. If you eat healthily, exercise regularly and keep a healthy or active lifestyle then you give your body the best to live longer. Of course, you cannot predict your life span or what factors could contribute to a shorter life but with a healthy outlook you can truly live longer. Stay healthy; improve your fitness and life a long and fulfilling life.

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